1st International Forum on Challenges of and Responses to Zoonoses

Taigu, Shanxi, China, October 29th – 31st 2024

Emerging and re-emerging zoonoses remain a major global health concern, requiring joint action from all countries across the world to address this global challenge. Shanxi Agricultural University and Zoonoses journal are hosting the “First International Forum on Challenges of and Responses to Zoonoses ” to respond to the increasing cross-border threat of zoonotic diseases, promote awareness and effective control of the harmfulness of zoonotic diseases, and facilitate the translation of novel tools supporting the management of zoonotic diseases.

The Forum will host global leading scientists in the field of zoonotic diseases to share their latest findings and insights on tackling critical challenges including zoonotic diseases. The Forum will serve as a crucial platform for researchers, policymakers and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and foster collaboration to address the global challenge of zoonoses.

Forum Sponsors

Shanxi Agricultural University, Taigu District, Jinzhong, China

Zoonoses Journal

Organizing Committee


Lynn Soong
Departments of Microbiology & Immunology and Pathology, University of Texas Medical Branch, TX, USA
Xiaoping Dong
Chinese Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Beijing, China
Haidong Wang
Shanxi Agricultural University, Jinzhong, China


The forum will focus on two main areas at the forefront of zoonotic diseases research:

  • Infection and immunity of zoonotic pathogens
  • The spread, diagnosis, and prevention of zoonotic diseases

Forum and Registration Details

Dates: October 29-31, 2024

Location: Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, China (Taigu Campus of Shanxi Agricultural University)

Early Bird Registration Deadline: April 30th, 2024

Registration details can be found hereĀ 

Abstract/Poster Submission

Posters should be submitted by September 10th, 2024. A poster template can be downloaded here. Only submissions from registered conference delegates will be accepted.

Forum Schedule

Oct 29th, 2024All dayOnsite registration

Oct 30th, 2024
08:30-12:00Opening Ceremony
Plenary Reports
14:00-17:00Session 1: Infection and Immunity of Zoonotic Pathogens
Session 2: The Spread, Diagnosis, and Prevention of Zoonotic Diseases
19:00-20:00Zoonoses EBM meeting
Oct 31st, 2024Forum Close

Contact Details Organizing Committee

Executive Secretaries

Lin Jin: jinlin2021@sxau.edu.cn

Haibao Xue: editorialoffice@zoonoses-journal.org